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Larry King's Prostate Report is a scam

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Fake Review sites: Prostate Report, Prostate Pill Report, Best Prostate Pills, Prostate Pill Truth
Product they rate #1: Prostagenix
Product they rate #2 (but used to rate #1): Prostavar

Update: September 8, 2017

Today, my jaw dropped, when for the first time I watched Larry King's Prostate Report, which features Larry King staging a fake interview with career huckster Fred Buckley (aka Frederick Oliver Buckley) and his partner in crime, wife - Corinne Buckley.

The first thing I noticed, even before I knew who the guest was going to be, was that Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula was not included with all the other bottles sitting on Larry's desk. I thought that's strange, most people consider Prostate Miracle® to be among the best prostate formulas on the market. Certainly since Prostate Miracle® has been a "top selling" industry leader for over 15 years, which is considerably longer than most others, you would think including Prostate Miracle® Advanceded formula into Larry King's Prostate Report would be a mandatory "no brainer". yet it was not included.

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The second thing I noticed, was that the most prominent bottle of all was Prostavar, in fact it was the ONLY bottle, out of the 16 bottles on Larry's desk, that I did recognize.

Then it hit me, the guest who Larry was about to introduce was gonna be that Prostavar slimeball . . . I couldn't recall his name, but I remember about 10 years ago, when he first reared his ugly head, that he published a "fake prostate review magazine" called The Men's Guide To Prostate Supplements, which pretended to be a 3rd party independent review, but in reality it was a total scam, where all the products were rated by Buckley and surprise, surprise . . . the top rank went to his own product - Prostavar.

I was disgusted when I saw that magazine for the first time, but my emotions suddenly shifted to shock and horror, when while thumbing through it, I ran into several articles that I had written. Imagine my surprise. I never authorized my copyrighted writings for use in this magazine, yet here they were, and even worse, this scumbag plagiarist was taking credit for authoring my writings.

I never took any legal action, but I sure could have (and probably should have), as I had all the evidence to prove my case, but I figured win or lose, law suites cost up front money and so I opted to not pursue a legal remody. Ironically, Buckster still proudly displays the cover of his plagiarized magazine on his "fake review site" Prostate Pill Report.

I had the extreme displeasure of interacting with this despicable schmuck about a year later, when he reached out to me, after reading an article I had written, which, "outed" him for being the fraudster that he is. He wanted to make a deal with me, offering to give me a good ranking in one of his "fake review sites", in exchange for me removing my negative posts about Prostavar (his product) and Superbalife International, LLC (his company).

I told him that I was not interested in making any deal with him, that I would prefer continuing to "out" him than to participate in his scam. When I called him "out" for plagiarizing me, and he didn't even bother denying it, he just shamelessly laughed like a demented, unremorseful sociopath.

Anyway today, as I was watching Larry King's Prostate Report, I was anticipating what this shyster was going to say. And I was not at all surprised, when I heard him tell lie, after lie, after lie and then the bombshell . . . that his amazing prostate discovery was non other than pine based beta sitosterol.

The irony is that for years, I'm the one who has been advocating for pine derived beta sitosterol, which is why it has ALWAYS been the key ingredient in Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula.

I'm the one who has been screaming at the top of my lungs, that scammers like Fred Buckley, who pimped Prostavar through his "fake review sites", were selling inferior products, because theirs contained saw palmetto instead of beta sitosterol. And that even among the few products, which did contain beta sitosterol, most did not contain enough, or even worse contained the Chinese, GMO, soy-based variety instead.

by the way, it should come as no surprise that the Larry King Prostate Report was being featured on a brand new "fake review site" called ProstateReport, which just happens to be owned by the notorious Fred Buckley himself.

Considering Fred Buckley's very long history of defrauding consumers, skipping out on multi-million dollar judgements against him, plagiarism, charges of obstruction of justice and tax evasion and was even sued by the FTC and forced to cough up millions, not to mention the tons of posted online complaints against him alleging credit card fraud, and selling supplements that did not contain what they were supposed to . . .

I was somewhat surprised he had the gall to actually use his real name. (see below for details of his long history of fraud)

I was even more surprised, that Larry King would get in bed with such a despicable, career con artist.

Given Larry King's legendary fame as a TV host, which earns him instant credibility to many, there is no question, as to the value his name and image bring to this scam. But one has to wonder why Larry King did not the heed the wisdom from Benjamin Franklin's expression "If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas". Most assuredly, as of now, Larry King has fleas (lots of them). In fact, I seriously doubt, that Larry King's good name and reputation will survive this scandal untarnished. I believe that the backlash from this obvious scam will DESTROY his legacy.

This fake interview begins with a bold-faced lie, when Larry King introduces Fred Buckley as the "owner and CEO of Prostagenix".

  • He can't be the CEO of a company that does not exist.
  • It turns out there is no company called Prostagenix.
  • at least none that I could find one using the CA Secretary of State business search tool

Larry King proceeds to ask Buckley:

    Now, You're not a doctor. Are you?

    You're not a scientist?

Buckley responds "No" to both questions

Perhaps Larry King should have asked (at least to himself):

    Now, You're not a con artist. Are you?

or better yet . . .

    Now, You've never sold supplements before and been sued by the FTC. Have you?

I used to respect Larry King, so . . .

  • it boggles my mind that he could even consider getting in bed with a serial fraudster like Fred Buckley.
  • It really is truely shocking that he actually did . . . wow!

    I'm just guessing here, but perhaps . . .

  • he has greedy heirs, who care much less about preserving his career and legacy than they do about making lots of money, even if it's by fraud.
  • his heirs convinced him, that after his death, his legacy will have no monetary value to them, but his endorsement in this scam will have a HUGE value to them.

Despite his pretense of being a novice in the nutraceutical business . . .

  • Buckley is actually a veteran of the nutraceutical business.
  • He's been fraudulently selling one bogus product after another, since 2005.

His scam products include:

  • Zyatrim - a weight loss supplement.
        was rebranded as Zyatonix due to it's HORRIBLE reputation (and legal problems)
  • Zyrexin - a sexual enhancer
  • Penatropin - a penis enlarger
  • Longinexx - a penis enlarger
  • Prostavar - a prostate formula
    • the subject of TONS of online complaints alleging:
      • It did NOT contain what it was supposed to
      • His company committed credit card fraud

Despite the deceptive inference that without any prior experience manufacturing and selling prostate formulas, Buckley serendipitously made his amazing prostate discovery.

  • Buckley has actually been manufacturing and selling a prostate pill called Prostavar since 2007.
  • Buckley "pimps" Prostavar through his network of "Fake Prostate Review" sites.

Speaking of "fake review sites" . . .

I attribute Buckley with being the VERY first (of many) scammers to deploy the "Fake Review Site" fraud in the prostate pill space.

  • For those who may not know about this scam, I will explain how it works using Buckley's network as an example:
    • The first "fake review site" Buckley created in the prostate pill space was Prostate Pill Report
      • Buckley contracted with to get former news anchor Charles Molineaux to narrate a video tour of the fake site
  • Buckley misrepresents this site as being an independent, unbiased, 3rd party
    • staffed with industry experts and scientists who test and then rate all the top prostate pills being sold.
  • The product that this "fake review site" rates as number one is Buckley's own product . . . Prostavar
  • Buckley uses a privacy service, to hide the website "whois" details of both Prostate Pill Report and Prostavar
  • This is a deliberate strategy to hide the facts that:
    • Buckley (or his company) own both the product site and the review site
    • The review site is NOT an impartial, independent, 3rd party
  • Buckley's network of "fake review sites" include:
    • Prostate Pill Report
    • Prostate Pill Insider
    • Stigwood Research Institute
    • MD Health Reports
    • Prostate Report

Once you know how this huckster operates, it is laughably predictable that Buckley would spin such a wild tale about how he inadvertently discovered the secret to prostate health.

Buckley claims to have just recently gotten into the prostate pill business, because his sudden affliction with prostate issues, prompted him to begin buying different products, but he discovered none of them worked. So, he decided to have lab tests done on these products to find out why they did not work.

    Now hold on a minute . . .

    Does that make any sense?

    Do you know ANYONE who would do that? ANYONE?

    Does that even pass the laugh test?

He claims that after being shocked by the results, he began testing more products, which is what ultimately led him to discovering what really works. . . .

pine based beta sitosterol.

    What he says about pine based sitosterol is actually true. It really is the best and most important ingredient in an effective prostate formula, which is     exactly why pine extracted beta sitosterol has always been the key ingredient in Prostate Miracle ®Advanced Formula.

    What Buckley conveniently fails to tell you is that for years, I've been screaming at the top of my lungs, that scammers like Fred Buckley, who     pimped Prostavar through his "fake review sites", were selling an inferior products because they contained saw palmetto instead of beta     sitosterol. And that even among the few products, which did contain beta sitosterol, most did not contain enough, or even worse contained     the Chinese, GMO, soy-based variety instead.

Buckley also claims to have made an exclusive arrangement with a manufacturer of this pine based beta sitoeterol . . .

to make an even stronger material that "no one else even has".

So are we supposed to believe that this self admitted novice, with no science background and no experience in nutraceuticals (another outright lie) was able to convince a 60 year manufacturing company to make a special (stronger) material just for him?

This is beyond ridiculous,

It takes a LOT of money to develop a new product, lots of research, technique development, QC testing and stability testing etc.

I find it very hard to believe that a 60 year old company would make that kind of capital investment into a new material, based solely on an exclusive arrangement wth a start up company run by a novice.

I also believe that if it was even possible to make a stronger material (the technology at present does NOT exist), the manufacturer would just do it. Why would they just make it exclusively for this novice?

Let's revisit the bold faced lie that is repeated several times in this infomercial scam. . . . that Fred Buckley is the "owner and CEO of Prostagenix".

  • As already discussed, according to the CA secretary of State website . . . no such entity exists
  • It does beg the question . . . Why lie about it?
    • My guess is that at the time Larry King's Prostate Report, was shot, Buckley had not yet figured out what new corporate alias he would hide behind.
    • He could not operate this scam under the Superbalife International, LLC name because:
      • it already had a 10 year history of producing Prostavar . . .
      • would not fit with the "cute" made up story about how he, with no previous nutraceuticals experience recently invented this product.
      • And besides, Superbalife International, LLC has a 10 year history of fraud
        • For most of it's 10 years in business, Superbalife International, LLC earned an "F" rating with the BBB
      • Superbalife International, LLC has a current status of SOS forfeited
        • which means that even though the business has not been formally dissolved, he Secretary of State terminated the entity.
        • This does beg the question . . . is it even legal for a terminated entity to operate?

Another misrepresnetation worth looking at is that on the ProstaGenix website, there is a video animation with the following caption:

Here is a video illustration from Prostagenix that shows how the ingredients target your swollen prostate and reduce the swelling. This video clip is used with permission from Verified Nutrition LLC, the licensed trademark holder of ProstaGenix.

  • It turns out, there is no company called Verified Nutrition LLC at least none that I could find one using the CA Secretary of State business search tool.
  • It turns out, there is no trademark (registered or pending) for ProstaGenix at least none that I could find searching the Data Base of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (
  • Do you see a pattern?

And what about their supposed lab tests?

Verified Nutrition LLC is supposed to be the independent lab, that does all their testing

  • But as we already explained, that company does not exist
  • Even if it did, Buckley claims to be the president of it
  • How could it be an unbiased 3rd party if any of this was true?

And what about his claims that his "amazing discovery" or his "invention" (or what ever you want to call his scam) . . .

"beat 157 prostate products" and is the "World's #1 Rated Prostate Supplement"

Its all a bunch of B.S.

  • fake lab results from companies that don't exist
  • fake ratings made up by him, with nothing to back them up at all

And what about their so called "team of experts"?

  • What experts?
  • None of them are on his payroll
  • There is "no team of experts"

I have to say that after watching Larry King's Prostate Report, I am literally in a state of shock:

  • I've seen many scams before, but this is by far the worst one I've ever seen.
    • NOT just because of the magnitude and depth of lies and misrepresentations . . .
    • NOT just because this con man has stolen my entire schtick, using my words and trying to pass himself off as the original . . .
    • Not just because he was able to enlist Larry King into the scam too . . .
    • But what is most shocking to me is:
      • how hastily, sloppily, and without any regard to details, it was "thrown" together
      • I certainly would have expected much more from such a seasoned career con man, as Fred "the Huckster" Buckley.
      • I guess because he's gotten away with these kind of scams for so long, he didn't even think he needed to cover his tracks.
      • I guess he didn't think anyone would check the details, which can all be easily verified.
        • Anyone can verify that he has a long history of fraud.
        • Anyone can verify that he operates "fake review sites".
        • Anyone can verify that Buckley is a brazen plagiarist.
        • Anyone can verify that his fake companies and trademarks don't even exist
        • Anyone can verify that he is NOT a "newbie" in the supplement business, as he misrepresents.
        • Anyone can verify that Prostate Miracle®Advanced formula has ALWAY contained pine-derived Beta Sitosterol.
        • Anyone can verify that his product (Prostavar) NEVER has; and is nothing more than a cheap imitation scam product.
        • Anyone can verify that, our previous posts, have "called him out" for all of this
  • It was horrifying to watch this scumbag warn about companies that:
    • just want to make a quick buck
    • lie and cheat and cut every corner.

Let me assure you that Fred Buckley is that exact guy that he warns about.

Please don't get conned by this career con man.

Fake Review sites: Prostate Pill Report, Prostate Pill Insider, M.D. Health Reports and Stigwood Research Institute

Products they rate #1: ProstaVar
Prostate Pill Report

Update: May 23, 2012

These fraudsters now promote their "fake review sites" with the headline "Lab Tests Don't Lie" . . . However, they ought to say "but we do" . . . cause they do. I can assure you that they did not spend the big bucks to test all the products they claim to have tested . . . what a joke!.

Prostate Pill Report and Prostate Pill Insider are two web sites which display the names Stigwood Research Institute and /or M.D. Health Reports on their sites to apparently give the impression that they are sponsored by or associated with an independent, accredited, research agency, providing impartial ratings and reviews of prostate products. They have rated Prostavar number 1 with an A+ grade.

Upon researching the legitimacy of this, it was discovered that both of these sites as well as the ProstaVar website, not only have their domain-name ownership's hidden, but coincidentally . . . they happen to use the exact same private registration service to hide their ownership. This in itself can not be considered proof of fraud, but it certainly is VERY suspicious. Furthermore, given the unethical history (see below) the makers of ProstaVar have had, this type of misrepresentation seems right up their alley and a serious conflict of interest seems very likely

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Consumers need to be aware that these sites do NOT appear to be independent or impartial in any stretch of the imagination . . . rather . . . they appear to hide their likely ownership interest in Prostavar and trick people into buying this product based on the A+ rating they gave it, using quotes like this "Achieved the highest lab scores of any product! No wonder it works so well!"

They claim to have gone through the very expensive process of testing all the competitive products included on their list. One of the things they supposedly test for and base their high rating of Prostavar is "free fatty acids", which actually have no therapeutic value what-so-ever in treating prostate enlargement. One wonders why they would place such a high emphasis on and test for an ingredient that has no therapeutic value? Could it be that they are trying to create demand for their product by misleading consumers about the importance of this ingredient and then bragging about how much of it their product contains

Does it seem like a mere coincidence that both The Stigwood Research Institute and the makers of Prostavar foolishly give such a high weighting to this unimportant ingredient? . . . or does it seem more likely that Stigwood Research Institute and the makers of ProstaVar are in cahoots with each other, having the same ownership or at least a common financial interest?

For a research institute that is supposed to be scientific and impartial they sure sound like a company trying to sell their own product, using quotes like this "Remember these scores are PER DOSE! It has more in ONE DOSE than many of the products have in their entire bottle! Bottom line- record break score- think Tiger Woods, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle and Jerry West all rolled into one!"

Furthermore, Superbalife International, the company listed on the Prostavar product label, has received an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) . The BBB provides these facts as the basis for their "F" rating:

  • 51 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years and twelve months
    • Advertising / Sales Issues: 9
    • Billing / Collection Issues: 19
    • Complications with Product / Service: 15
    • Delivery Issues: 4
    • Guarantee / Warranty Issues: 4
  • Further Complaint Information and facts- Those with complaints state not authorized debit or credit card use, false advertising, failure to honor their money back commitment, in addition to inability to acquire refunds. Many other customers complain this product doesn't work as promoted, or that information regarding the terms and conditions with the offer are uncertain as well as that company employees try and verbally modify the conditions when called by customers to request refunds or perhaps credits. Some complainants allege after returning products for refunds, the business issues only limited refunds. Others complain that while they are assured refunds, the manufacturer doesn't send them. This company responds to a few complaints by agreeing to issue full or partial refunds, disputing allegations, and also offering explanations or even clarification on their policies, small print. Some who have complained dispute they actually have the promised refunds. Allegations of unauthorized purchases as well as false promoting have been normally not addressed.
  • The BBB says "We strongly question the company's reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law's licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company's industry is known for its fraudulent business practices". The BBB also goes on to say "Complainants allege unauthorized credit or debit card charges, false advertising, failure to honor their money back guarantee, and inability to obtain refunds. Other customers complain the product does not work as advertised, or that disclosures regarding the terms and conditions of the offer are unclear or that company representatives attempt to verbally change the conditions when contacted by customers to request refunds or credits. Some complainants allege after returning products for refunds, the company issues only partial refunds. Others complain that although they are promised refunds, the company fails to send them."
  • The tacticts deployed by this company may fool some people . . . hopefully, that does not include you. The apparent conflict of interest regarding site ownership, in combination with the inconsistent and false statements they make about other prostate products, as well the misleading and self-serving comments they make about Prostavar . . . AND their "F" rating from the BBB demonstrate to me, their total lack of credibility and ethics. If all of this was not bad enough, this company has blatantly infringed on and plagiarized our copyrighted web content. They are not the first company to do this online, but they are the first company (that I know of) who had the audacity to actually publish a magazine (The Men's Guide to Prostate Supplements) which contains our copyrighted content verbatim.

Please do not be scammed by this company! . . .

Our review of this company should be enough to dissuade you from having anything to do with them . . . but for the sake of completeness . . . let's now take a closer look at the product they promote:

Update: May 23, 2012

Prostavar RX, made by Superbalife International, is proudly promoted as being "the most expensive natural prostate product in the world". At $49.95 per bottle it clearly is! On their website, they say Prostavar is quite expensive due to its high doses of the essential components in the formula." They apparently are referring to the saw palmetto extract they use. But as has already been shown, saw palmetto which is comprised almost entirely of "fatty acids", with only a very small part "beta sitosterol", is actually very ineffective as a treatment for BPH AND can even be potentially harmful.

The supposedly independent Prostate Pill Report makes such a big deal about the high levels of "free fatty acids" contained in Prostavar RX, as if that is important . . . they even make the ridiculous, unfounded claim that this is why "more men seem to get better results". There are no clinical studies (that I am aware of) which back up this self-serving claim. Does that sound like the kind of conclusions a legitimate research institute would make ? or does it sounds like misinformation coming from a pseudo company pretending to be independent, but actually just promoting their own product?

What's important to understand here is that the fatty acids have no therapeutic value at all. On the contrary, it is the "beta sitosterol" component of saw palmetto that makes up the supporotive constituents . . . and in actuality, saw palmetto has very little "beta sitosterol" content.

Furthermore, when considering that beta sitosterol has been clearly shown to be the most important ingredient for supporting prostate health, it is quite amazing that a product as expensive as Prostavar RX only contains 50 mg of beta sitosterol, yet they claim that amount is "higher than any competitor" . . . which is a rather absurd statement to make and is just NOT true.

The makers of Prostavar brag about their product containing 28 mg of quercetin. They go on to say "According to a study reported in Urology, men who took a supplement containing quercetin reduced most of their symptoms by at least 25%, including pain and inflammation." This is a rather absurd quote . . . first of all, they don't mention what symptoms were reduced . . . implying that it helps with BPH. Secondly, they don't say what the dose of quercetin used in the study was . . . they only say "a supplement with quercetin" . . . which is ridiculous. They seem to imply that taking any quercetin (even the mere 28 mg/day that their product contains) will help you. And lastly, what they say is a"drug claim" which the FDA does not allow for a supplement. In other words, any product that makes drug claims, which has not been approved by the FDA, is considered an illegal drug.

The truth is that quercetin is a great supplement to take for supporting prostate health but the supportive dose is at least 250 mg/day . . . the 28mg/day that Prostavar RX provides is a joke. In our industry we use the term "window dressing" to describe product labels that try to impress by listing every ingredient under the sun, yet use less than therapeutic doses of these bragged about ingredients. This is a classic example!

If there was a way to add 250 mg of quercetin to Prostate Miracle® we would have . . . but it just didn't make sense to make Prostate Miracle® into a much larger capsule or alternatively, to provide a product (as they did) which doesn't provide enough quercetin to be effective. That is why NHS Global Distributors, Inc. formulated Estrogen Balance®, a companion product to Prostate Miracle®, which provides 250 mg of Quercetin as well as DIM and Flaxseed.

I find it quite amusing that on their website, apparently offered as evidence of their product's superiority, they show a picture of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine they use during their manufacturing process, as if using this machine somehow makes for a better product . . . this is another rather absurd point they try to make.

Lastly, the name of their product Prostavar RX is somewhat misleading . . . it seems to imply that Prostavar RX is a prescription drug or is of "prescription strength", which of course is NOT true.

All in all . . . the marketing strategy for Prostavar RX is very clever . . . though in my opinion . . . highly unethical! They probably fool many customers into thinking Prostavar RX is "prescription strength" and the best money can buy. Ultimately however, Prostavar is NOT even close to being best . . . just the most expensive.

Beware of this company, their scam website . . . and their bogus product